Massage has been practised for centuries as people discovered the healing quality a persons touch had on the body.

The essential elements have not changed, but the understanding of the processes that go on are being unravelled. Body massage is not only an effective relaxing treatment, it keeps the body in excellent working order by helping the body work efficiently. It should never be thought of as a luxury, even though the treatment feels quite self-indulgent, but as an essential part of health, fitness and maintenance of the body. Many benefits can be attained from one massage treatment, but a regular course of treatments will improve your health and life.

Benefits of Massage

Massage has many benefits to offer the body. It encourages blood flow through the body and helps increase the metabolic rate. It helps the body to work more efficiently by stimulating tissue and organs in the body to help remove toxins and promote regeneration. It improves skin tone, texture and increases the elasticity, making the skin soft and supple. Muscle tone and mobility are improved and wastage, from muscle disuse is reduced. Postural deformities can be helped or prevented and massage maintains joint mobility.

The body’s immune system is stimulated, increasing the body’s resistance to infection. Back and chest massage increases lung capacity and mucus and problem particles are dislodged. The most pronounced effect is on the body’s nervous system, massage helps to sooth and revive nerves which gives a relaxed and revitalised sense of well being. Massage also aids digestion and assists faulty metabolisms, but most of all eases tension of the mind and body and removes aches and pains from tired muscles.

A sense of total relaxation.