massageAromatherapy is the art of using essential 
oils ( tailored to the individuals needs ) on
the body in relaxing, therapeutic 
movements in order to achieve the 
desired effect. ( i.e. revitalised, uplifted, 
de-stressed  and relaxed ). Essential oils 
work on two  powerful senses, smell and touch. When 
combined in an Aromatherapy treatment it can provide
a wonderful “complete” experience. Essential oils work on 
three levels; physical, mental  and emotional. The oils are 
absorbed into the blood stream via the skin and through the 
nose where it passes into the limbic system, the brains 
emotional centre. This can immediately alter your state of 
mind i.e. stressed and worried to relaxed and calm or up-lifted
if you are feeling down, it is a great “ pick me up “.

What are pure essential oils?

Essential oils are extracts from a wide variety of plants, trees, 
barks, flowers and are very concentrated. They are extracted
by processes such as distillation, pressing and solvent 
extraction. Each oil has its own unique healing property and 
fragrance and can be specially selected to promote healing on 
three different levels ; physical, mental and emotional.
When the oils are combined in an Aromatherapy treatment 
they can offer an ultimate experience.