Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs


 Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs is a specialist yoga programme proven to help relieve chronic low back pain – Evidence-based yoga classes supported by classes, a book and relaxation CD.

The University of York (Department of Health Sciences) ran one of the largest research studies into yoga to date, funded by Arthritis Research UK. The positive results were published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2011.

Yoga for Healthy Lower Backs teachers are highly experienced yoga teaching professionals with thorough additional back-care yoga specialist training. The majority have qualified with the British Wheel of Yoga or in Iyengar Yoga.. Please see website for additional information and a short[1]

Specialised 12 week course , learn life-long skills to improve health and get back to being more active again. You will be taught to bring postural improvements, mental focus and relaxation techniques into your daily life.The classes are individualised and specially modified so they are appropriate for you.

Enjoy helping yourself with this yoga ‘toolkit’, as many others have. Before commencing the course, a registration form will be filled in including your medical details.

Please contact me for next start date and for any information you require.

Book your space early as places are Limited.

If you would like re assurance as to your suitablility of the course and would like to ask your GP, I can provide you with information to show them or ask them to look on the website.


…From my experience, the Yoga For Healthy Lower Backs course is one of the best things you can learn if you suffer from back pain.  Before learning these special yoga moves, I frequently suffered excruciating back and sciatic pain and had ittle knowledge or skills to help straighten myself out again, leaving me feeling fairly useless at times.  Thanks to Deborah convincing me of the benefits of this back specific course, I now have a t more control over my back injury/pain levels.

If you are in doubt about participating in this course then don’t be! It’s well worth the time and effort and will help you take some control of your back pain again if practiced regularly as instructed.

Deborah has a particularly good understanding of problems surrounding back injuries or any other injury that may impact on your learning and she adapts accordingly, so you won’t be excluded.

I highly recommend this course but don’t expect miracles unless you are prepared to make the effort at least a couple of times a week.

Thanks again Deb’s   ………………………Adam, Beccles

….Can I just thank you for all the support you have given us over the past few months since fate drew us to your classes last September. Your dedication and obvious caring attitude towards your work and your clients makes all the difference and makes us want to keep coming back!…….  I wish you the best of luck with all your future endeavours, just carry on being the amazing, caring, dedicated person you are and that’s what you will get back!  With love and peace…….                                              Adriana Lowestoft

….The course was taught in a very clear and measured way. This has given me the confiedence to keep my back moving in a protected way and to feel much more in control if my back is going through an uncomfortable time, with strategies to use to reduce the discomfort/pain…..                                                                       S.C. Hopton

….My back pain is almost not noticeable any more and I have a more positive mental attitude.  My back is the best it has ever been since my injury 25 years ago! The course has raised awareness of myself and connected my mind to my body.I have learned how I can help myself and can manage pain without the need of painkillers…….

                                                                                                              A W. Gt Yarmouth

….I feel more confident in myself, feel better with a better mood.  I feel stronger and my movement is more confident and I’m now able to control my pain myself…

                                                                                                                    K.B Lowestoft.

… I have learned how to sit, stand and move to avoid stressing my back, and also how to relax it should I experience any pain……………………                            S.T. Beccles

….Yoga has given me the confidence to reclaim my life after a year of pain from a slipped disc. I felt supported in returning to fitness. Initially I was uncertain whether I was doing movements correctly and embarrassed about my seeming inability to fit in home practice. Deborah was non-judgemental, patient and supportive and gradually I became aware of the improvement that was taking place both in my ability to carry out the poses and in my general level of confidence in returning to everyday tasks.

Thank you Deborah………                                                                      R. S. Halesworth

Since completing the course my discomfort is much more livable, if I feel any discomfort I can settle it down by the movments learned. Helps to keep my back in good order……                                                                                                     P.B Henstead

……I am now feeling my back is stronger, more confident and I’m walking much more…….                                                                                                  P.R. Lowestoft.